Minor in Data Science

Minor in Data Science

The minor in data science is designed to give students an overview of data science as both a field of study and an industry sector. Students will complete 19 hours of content that includes three general areas of coursework: data science proper, statistics, and computer science. The overall curriculum is designed to provide students with a secondary specialization that complements many programs by providing the student with data science literacy, core data science knowledge, and the opportunity to apply data science methods in the context of hands-on labs. The student will be prepared to work in a professional context in which data science drives processes and strategy, and in which data are used to build smart systems.

Required Courses:

  • DSCI 2013 Data Science Literacy
  • CSE 1284 Introduction to Computer Programming
  • DSCI 4013 Data Visualization
  • DSCI 2012 Data Science Lab – Data Wrangling
  • MA/ST 3123 Statistical Inference

Students will then choose two of the following labs (prerequisites noted in parentheses):

  • DSCI 2022 Data Science Lab – Cloud, High-Performance, and Quantum Computing (DSCI 2012)
  • DSCI 3012 Data Science Lab – Description, Analysis, and Inference (MA 3123)
  • DSCI 3022 Data Science Lab – Data Visualization (DSCI 2012)
  • DSCI 3032 Data Science Lab – Artificial Intelligence (DSCI 2012)

Please note: Minors can only be granted concurrently and in conjunction with the granting of a degree from MSU. Data Science majors are not eligible for the minor. All necessary prerequisite courses listed in the MSU Course Catalog must be completed. Substitutions must be requested and approved by the Data Science Program and instructor. All DSCI courses must be taken at MSU. A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required in all courses taken as part of the minor.

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