Research Centers

Research Centers

The following research centers at Mississippi State University engage in research directly related to data science.

Agricultural Autonomy Institute (AAI)

AAI’s mission is to advance economic opportunity in Mississippi by attracting manufacturers in the Agricultural Autonomy industry to Mississippi, advancing opportunities for Agricultural Autonomy research and startups in Mississippi, developing and training an Agricultural Autonomy workforce in Mississippi. AAI will also establish MSU as a leader in Agricultural Autonomy

Athlete Engineering Laboratory

The mission of athlete engineering is to align researchers from all engineering disciplines, as well as kinesiology, sociology, and psychology researchers, with athletic practitioners such as strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, and nutritionists, to enhance student-athlete safety and link human factors to performance technology.

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS)

CAVS is a world-class technology development center comprised of engineering, research, development and technology transfer teams. Founded in 2002, CAVS is committed to exploring solutions to complex problems, in areas such as autonomous vehicles, materials science, high-performance computing, advanced controls, and human-machine interaction.

Center for Cyber Innovation (CCI)

The Center for Cyber Innovation (CCI) is part of the High Performance Computing Collaboratory at Mississippi State University. CCI develops solutions for Defense, Homeland Security and the Intelligence Community. The primary focus of the CCI is to research, prototype and deliver cutting-edge cyber solutions that support global national security, homeland security and peacekeeping operations.

Data Science for the Social Sciences Laboratory

The mission of DS3 is to extend and integrate data science applications and techniques with social science methods and theory using novel user-generated datasets or digital data.

McKay Predictive Analytics and Technology Integration (PATENT) Laboratory

The Predictive Analytics and Technology Integration (PATENT) Laboratory aims to accelerate advances in several interdisciplinary fields by addressing the challenges in data management, integration, and analytics, as well as predictive modeling and simulation. By integrating various technologies and data sources, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, PATENT will contribute to developing next-generation solutions that are data-driven, resilient, and robust in both real-world and theoretical domains across these diverse industrial sectors, such as engineering, social sciences, agriculture, and more. PATENT conducts fundamental and applied research in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cyber-physical systems.

National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center

NSPARC is a trusted source for high-quality research and analysis to address critical challenges in workforce and economic development. Utilizing advanced data analytics and machine learning, NSPARC empowers informed decision-making. It’s our way of taking care of what matters.

Sensing and Automation in Agri-System (SAAS)Lab

Located in the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Mississippi State University, the SAAS lab has a research focus on agricultural robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture, machine/deep learning, unmanned aerial system (UAS)/remote sensing, data science/feature engineering, and smart agriculture.