Mimmo Parisi

Mimmo Parisi


  • Senior Advisor for European Initiatives and Data Science
  • Executive Director, Data Science
  • Professor of Sociology



Mimmo Parisi is Professor of Sociology and Senior Advisor for European and Data Science Development at Mississippi State University. He serves as the Executive Director of the Data Science Program. Parisi earned his Ph.D. from Penn State. He founded NSPARC, a socioeconomic data science research center at Mississippi State University, and was an early mover in Mississippi for using state data resources as an asset for improving the quality of education and social well-being in the state. In 2018, Dr. Parisi was tapped by the newly elected prime minister of Italy to serve within the labor department and build a new workforce system based on his work in Mississippi. He continues to work within the Office of the Provost to expand the global relations of the university and to promote interdisciplinary activities aimed at advancing the university’s tri-fold mission of excellent teaching, research, and service.

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